Pardon the boring site, we’re in the middle of an update!

Hello drifters! The normal ThunderDrift site is currently down, but we’ve provided this placeholder so you can still register for our upcoming events!

Here’s what you should know before you register:

Car requirements: NO LEAKS, must have battery tie down, safety equipment must be stock or better.

Driver requirements: SNELL rated helmet, SA or M 2005 or newer. Must be 18 years old, if under 18, must have parent sign a waiver (email for more info)

Gates at the track open at 7:00AM, and our drivers meetings are held promptly at 9:00AM. You must attend the meeting in order to drive!

By submitting the form & payment below you are agreeing to participate in our event. To show up on time, and to obey our safety rules at the track. Registration is non-refundable, and driver agrees to take responsibility for unforeseen circumstances affecting his/her self. In the occurrence of an event cancellation, entry fees will be refunded.

Drift Cave Series
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