The photographer gods smiled on TD Tuesday, and gave us Michael Cabuco from FittedLife.com. Mike is a great photographer, and throughout his wide variety of coverage, his photos have a unique style and quality that we’ve never seen before. Fantastic!

FL has become an overnight hit in the drifting world, due not only to Mike’s unique and awesome photography style, but his relentless coverage of any/all events he can attend. Between last weekend and this Wednesday Mike has posted features and photo rolls from two different events! That’s 4 posts in 3 days folks, is he a one-man speedhunters or what?!?!?!


Check out FittedLife.com’s coverage of the TD Halloween Fulltrack Drift, and his mini-feature on Nate Kandoll from the far north, and while you’re at it… drop him a comment! He’s working hard out there!




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