What to Bring

As a driver, you know yourself and your car better than anyone else. We can only suggest what you should bring with you to have a fun and safe day at the track. That being said, the list below is not necessarily all you should bring.

– Jack / Jack stands (2+)
– Lug wrench
– Basic automotive tool set
– Rags / gloves / plastic bags
– Duct tape / zipties
– Plenty of tires! (we have tire mounting service, so they don’t have to be mounted.)
– bicycle / skateboard / scooter / …other pit transportation

We highly recommend that you:
– Replace your coolant with water
– Flush your power steering system and re-fill with high-grade synthetic ATF
– Make sure your fluids are fresh and clean (engine oil, trans oil, diff oil)
– If you drive an ’89-’98 Nissan 240SX please make sure your shifter plate is sealed properly and the small boot around the shifter is intact.

We cannot stress the last item enough, it’s the most common failure on S-chassis cars and leads to being pulled off track, or worse, catching on fire.

– Sunscreen. Even darker complected drifters need sunscreen! use it, and plenty of it.
– Appropriate attire: If it’s winter, be sure to be prepared for rain! We run rain or shine, freezing cold wind, anything. If it’s summer, be prepared for hot and dry conditions with possibilities of wind. A good hat helps a lot, and if you bring an EZ-up we have cinderblocks on-hand for you to tie them down with.
– Water / other fluids. These are vital to your survival in the heat. If it’s hot out, you should be drinking at least one pint bottle of water every hour.
– Fold-up Chair. trust me, you’ll use this. Drifting is very tiring.

If you have any questions about this list, or any suggestions to add to it, please contact us! We plan to update the site with step by step how-to’s on important tasks like flushing cooling and power steering systems, and changing engine/differential/transmission fluids.

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