Event Registration

The following information is VERY important. Please read and understand it before registering.

- Before you even think of registering, make sure your car and your personal safety gear meet the tech requirements listed HERE.

- Registration form must be completed before your registration is valid.

- Payment must be completed before your registration is valid.

- Registration for all events is due 7 days before the event. At-the-gate registration is available with additional fees.

- Refunds will only be given if registration is canceled more than 10 days prior to the event.

ex: John Smith
ex: Johnny Driftalots
ex: JohnSmith@gmail.com
ex: 555-444-2386
ex: POB 23232
ex: Oakland, CA 94623
ex: Jane Smith
ex: 555-444-2386
ex: Green 1991 240SX Turbo LS1 drift monster

skidpad full track

Driver Name

Thunderhill West – FIRST EVER!
Driver Name
Team Name


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